Shrimp Tanks, Fresh and Salt Water

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Shrimp can make great aquarium tank pets. They can be not only some of the most beautiful crustaceans, but many will maintain a healthy aquarium by controlling algae growth in their ecosystem as well as reduce some tank grimes. Many different species are used in creating very unique freshwater and saltwater tank displays.

Some freshwater shrimp are tolerant of pH and and saline levels, but ammonia and heavy metal impurities can be particularly dangerous. Like many other freshwater invertebrates kept in aquariums, they will often enjoy generic fish food flakes, and prefer them over algae.

Cleaner shrimp kept in saltwater tanks will not only help keep aquarium walls clean, but also other fish! Note that some saltwater species can be sensitive to light. As with all custom aquarium tanks, solid research is important when designing your own. Good luck!

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